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(6 workplaces)


The hall of the library is located on the ground floor and is part of the residence of Monica and Massimiliano.

It is equipped with working tables and stationery supplies, a desktop computer, places for laptop computers and wi-fi connection. The books are divided into sections – literature, science, philosophy – and are arranged on their bookshelves in alphabetical or chronological order. The few free walls are occupied by prints by Rinedda (Fragile Animals), the floor has handmade ceramic tiles (Pratigliolmi furnace), the ceiling has tiles and visible beams. It is equipped with heating in the floor and with a large Danish cast-iron heating stove (Morsö). During the day the library is available to guests, who can use it to work, to relax or simply to borrow books that can be brought in the rooms for the night.

The library will be used for events – exhibitions, presentations, readings, seminars … - which will be announced on this site. 

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