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COVID-19 – Why we chose OZONE

Ozone treatment is one of the most effective and ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE ways of sanitizing environments.

Ozone has a very high oxidizing power, comparable to chlorine's one, but unlike chlorine-based disinfectants or other chemical products, it DOES NOT LEAVE RESIDUES.*

Moreover, since it's generated directly inside the room and diffused in gaseous form, ozone has the advantage of reaching every corner of the room, including the insides of pillows, curtains and mattresses.

A room sanitized with ozone and subsequently ventilated is therefore not only TOTALLY SAFE for the user, but also suitable for anyone suffering from ALLERGIES (allergic rhinitis, atopic or contact dermatitis ...)


              it's ecologically SUSTAINABLE

              destroys BACTERIA  and MOLDS

              inactivates VIRUSES

             eliminates MITES, moths and insects in                           general, mushrooms and spores

             eliminates ODORS, even the most persistent                ones (smoke, food, sweat ...)


In all this, the characteristics of the generator play a crucial role: the effectiveness and rapidity of the treatment depend in fact on the reliability and efficiency of the machine, which starting from the oxygen present in the environment must be able to produce a guaranteed and suitable ozone concentration in accordance to the volume of space that needs to be treated. For these reasons we have opted for the professional generator that you can see in the photograph below; produced and certified in Germany, this machine allows us significantly reduced working times. In this way, the time between the end of the treatment and the occupation of the premises is much longer than the time necessary for the ozone to be transformed back into oxygen.


* The ozone molecule, made up of three oxygen atoms (O3), is highly unstable, and in a short time decays into oxygen (O2).

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