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If the weather permits, breakfast is served in the garden; alternatively, in the kitchen on the first floor, next to the rooms.

The menu may vary depending on the availability of the products and requests of the guests (vegetarian and vegan options available). Usually we serve bread, cakes and hand-kneaded sourdough focaccia (flatbread), cooked in wood-burning oven (from the bakery Pane e Luna, Montefano); locally produced cold cuts and cheese (Luciano delicatessen, Sant’Egidio); fresh eggs, fruit and vegetables (Storani organic farm, Montecassiano); honey and homemade jams; dried fruit, fruit juices, rice milk, soy milk, organic preserved products (La natura in bottega, Porto Recanati); organic teas and teas (QI, Arche, Ministry of tea); espresso (Illy iperespresso), American coffee or cappuccino.

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