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Il Gallo Silvestre is temporarily closed

il Gallo Silvestre

   Bed & Books   
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                         ... interminati 
spazi di là da quella, e sovrumani 
    silenzi, e profondissima quiete 


Il Gallo Silvestre– “The Great Wild Rooster” – is an experimental undertaking. Named after the poem by Giacomo Leopardi, considered the greatest Italian poet of the nineteenth century, our endeavor takes inspiration, as did the poet’s, from this magical landscape.


Here is the endeavor (or maybe it’s just a throw of the dice?): transplant a library into the countryside – on a high hill in the heart of some fine meadows, more or less halfway between the sea of Conero and the Sibylline mountains, a few kilometers from Recanati. (And where else could the Gallo Silvestre have possibly been born, if not in the seat and loci that were home to Giacomo Leopardi?). Monica is running this experiment, a mathematical physicist, yet with many years of experience of life and of work in the mountains.


The medium of this labour of love are the bookshelves containing several thousand printed volumes that Monica has collected and used over the years, divided into three main sections: literature (Italian and foreign), sciences (mathematics and physics), and philosophy (with a prevalence of texts in ancient philosophy, logic, and philosophy of science). The goal here is to transform her private collection into a real library, but not only. This experiment encompasses a reading room and a place for meetings, and also a framework for different kinds of events: book presentations, exhibitions, small conferences and workshops, lectures, seminars, readings.


For this proposition, on the boundaries of the library (or in fact, to be precise, above the library) are two suites – the one, of The Earth and the other, of The Moon – each with a private bath, and a spacious breakfast room, all of them also accessible by an independent entrance. There is room enough for six people, in a comfortable and spacious environment, perfect for reading, studying, writing, painting, or just for resting and see the sights, using the complex as a base for exploring the splendid territory of Le Marche.


The rooms have been designed and furnished with care, conceived to be at one and the same time extremely comfortable and aesthetically satisfying; breakfast too, different every day, is created according to the availability of the local producers with whom we work together and according to the wishes of our guests (as a general option we serve bread, sweets, and focaccia made by hand with sourdough; biscuits and bread sticks; daily fresh eggs; cold cuts, cheeses, honeys and homemade jams, besides a large selection of infusions and teas, all organic). Breakfast is served in the living next to the bedrooms, or in the garden, if requested and if weather permits.

In any case the garden is always accessible: you will find there, besides chairs, tables, and recliners, a large oak tree, two mulberries, two fig trees, numerous laurel plants, a mimosa, three or four maples and two linden trees, little fruit trees, tiny olive trees and a dense hedge of various plants, scattered flowers, wild herbs, and the cats: Dora, Cora, Pofi, CarloAzeglio, OscarLuigi, FTSEmib, Spigola, Brugola, Sentenza, FrancescoGiuseppe e Cosimo. Obviously there is free access to the fruit trees and the garden. I am happy to offer these services and products to my guest and appreciate the appreciation!


It is also possible to reserve the separate structure (Dora's Cottage), which is equipped with everything necessary, including its own garden. The first vision was to host small work-oriented groups that would need a quiet place for meetings (in this case the whole library hall is reserved for the whole period) or small groups of cyclists for example, who would have available a storage place for their bicycles (we are equipping ourselves soon with a small workshop), but the Gallo Silvestre is just as easily amenable to any and all who find the experiment interesting, for whatever purposes. So… I await you, and welcome!



Imagine a large room, full bright light during the day, perfect silence at night. Imagine a large bed, full of pillows and colorful blankets under a ceiling with beautifully exposed chestnut beams. Now get out of bed and feel your feet on the wooden floor, warm in winter, cool in the summer. Have a look out the window: to the east, hills of nested villages and further on, down towards Mount Conero, still more hills, fields and villages, gently sloping and rolling to the sea. Look out to the west, the same: gentle fields and hills, more intriguing villages, and rising, always upwards, embrace the Sibillini mountains. Now, decision time: breakfast and then head to the sea, perhaps passing through Recanati? Or maybe a ride into the mountains? But perhaps just go lazy and stay in, cozying up in the room for some relaxed reading, writing... But then there’s that wooden staircase that leads to the library…. What’s offered today? An exhibition, a book presentation or was it a special guest reading aloud? Or not! Today you’re tired, so relax and head down the outside staircase and find the vast, green lawn. Grab a book, improvise a little bed and not to forget that carafe of good Italian wine. And there in the background, always beckoning, the Conero and the sublime symphony of the countryside... You are not dreaming!




If the weather permits, breakfast is served in the garden; alternatively, in the kitchen on the first floor, next to the rooms. [click for more infos...].

There is a garden of about 55,000 SqFt, sun loungers and tables, with a breathtaking view of the hills to the sea.

The library is open from 10am to 10pm [click for more infos...].

Free Wifi

The entire house is served by a WiFi network (4G Technology: in case of severe bad weather conditions, slowdowns in streaming services may occur).

Room service

Everyday. Indicatively from 10:30am to 11:30am (flexible timetable according to the wishes of guests).


In-room breakfast

You can request breakfast in your room with no extra charge.

Washing Machine
In the case of long stays it is possible to use Monica's washing machine on the ground floor, free of charge. Alternatively you can request washing and ironing of the clothes (paid service). Dora's Cottage is equipped with a washing machine.
Millet pillows
It is possible to request organic millet chaff pillows in the Earth's Junior Suite.


Located in the rolling hills of Macerata, Montecassiano is a charming village, completely surrounded by medieval walls, overlooking the valley of the Potenza river. Listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it has also won the Orange Flag Prize, awarded to the inland areas that not only enjoy a valuable historical, cultural and environmental heritage, but also offer tourists a quality experience.
Monti Sibillini

"And what immense thoughts / What sweet dreams inspire such vision / Of that distant sea and blue mountains ..."

(G. Leopardi - Le Ricordanze)

The Sibylline Mountains are the fourth chain of the Apennine Mountain complex. The chain takes its name from Monte Sibilla (7,130 feet), on who’s summit, until the end of the last century, was found the cave, now obstructed, of the legendary Apennine Sibyl.

Birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi, Recanati is just a dozen kilometers from the Gallo Silvestre. Among the many cultural events linked to the figure of the poet, we note in particular this year the celebrations for the bicentenary of the composition
of the Infinite.
Osvaldo Licini Study Center
Life, art, love, political activism, landscape dreamer, nocturnal charmer and lunar confidant... all echoing and resounding within the rooms of the house of  Osvaldo Licini, one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century in Europe, where he lived the better part of his life.
The unequivocal profile of Monte Conero dominates the panorama of the Gallo Silvestre, which is less than 20 miles away. It is among the few Italian promontories on the Adriatic sea, second in notoriety only to the Gargano, which however exceeds in height with its 1,890 feet. On the promontory from which its name derives is the Conero Regional Park, which has some of the most beautiful beaches in Adriatic Italy.
Il Gallo Silvestre does not offer any restaurant services, however we have the upmost confidence in directing you to the following restaurants…
- Osteria 13 Maggio, Sambucheto
- Il Lusitano, Sambucheto

- Taverna San Nicolò, Montecassiano 

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